Cancer Patient | Irene

Meet Irene, she is a beautiful lady who has cancer and is in stage IV. I had posted on my facebook page that I wanted to provide terminal people with a portrait session. I want to share my gifts with them and at no charge. Irene's daughter, Brenda contacted me and wanted to know if I could do this for them and I said yes. 

Irene's last portrait was taken in 1999, the day before her surgery and she thought just incase she didn't make it, her family would have a portrait.

Fast forward 15 years, still here, still has cancer but she is truly thankful. I wanted to shoot the pics of her in natural light and in a relaxed atmosphere. Here are a few of Irene and some with her daughter, Brenda.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity! Love you guys!

Love this!

Brenda took a pic of me and my assistant, Shaggy! Love him!!