McKinley Monument

McKinley Monument Canton Ohio

I have to say that I am loving my new drone! I purchased this one a couple months ago and it’s certainly a huge step up from what I had! I took it out yesterday and it was only 12 degrees and it did great! It snowed so much you really couldn’t see the 100+ steps, in fact they were sliding down the steps!

Here’s a capture processed to black and white, I love the contrast and just the overall scene. I am not a fan of winter but I do love a good snow scene.

You can purchase this limited edition by clicking here.

The Monument

The steps were calling me this morning! We got there and the beauty of the monument against the blue sky was such a welcome sight! It was time to start the steps again, it's 104 steps and it is a great workout. Doing it several days a week helped me really get in shape!

Gotta get this body in shape! Enjoy your day!