McKeesport Churches

McKeesport Trip 2

I knew I would have to come back to McKeesport after being here just 2 weeks ago! I had shot this abandoned church from the outside and knew I needed to get inside but also knew it wasn't the time! I knew my buddy and fellow photographer Tedd, would so enjoy the adventure! We packed our gear and headed to McKeesport! 

We got to the church and it was a little scary, the man walking down the street told us to be careful, be careful! We pushed the door open which was being blocked by trash and clothes! Once inside it was a photographers paradise! So much history and decay. I am saddened to see such a beautiful structure decaying. Here are a few pics for you to see.

First room we entered

This is the stairway to the sanctuary 

I can see this church filled and the people who were once here worshiping.

Another view in B+W

Tedd, taking some pics

This view is looking out the side room of the sanctuary 

The floors were like a sponge, we were a little hesitant in walking out to the middle

Here is a shot looking up from the middle. Took a chance and moved out toward the center

Just an awesome structure

Back downstairs we see the graffiti wall

I didn't see this till we were out in front of the church, not that it would have mattered

Porch of the old Baptist church

Such a cool structure, not sure if it will be standing next time I'm through the area again.

Church Number 2

I am not sure what church this was but from my understanding it has changed denomination

Another beautiful structure

I will be back!