Historic Onesto Lofts

Historic Onesto | Beautiful

I have been shooting at the Onesto for the past 7 months. I wish I had been there from day one when they started bringing this beautiful, historic building back to life. 

I have enjoyed seeing and capturing the beauty! Coon Restoration has done a fantastic job of making this a reality! I was asked to shoot the lobby and ballroom before the guests started showing up for the reception. I had about 1 hr tops to shoot this, it was a little bit of a challenge with people setting up and future clients coming in to see this beautiful setup!

Here are a few pics I took from today's session. Monday I will be shooting a couple finished lofts! Can't wait!


This is the beautiful lobby of the Onesto Lofts

This is one of the bars located in the lobby of the Onesto, Love the view!

View looking through the bar doors into the lobby

What a beautiful cake! A Modern Day Cake created this masterpiece!

Beautiful Ballroom 

Love the lobby in B+W