Cheese Louise

May 28th A Walk Through Canton

Jim and I decided to take a walk through town and shoot some pics. It was a little to cloudy for my liking but I managed! We stopped and visited Mike and Monique of Cheese Louise and hung for a few pics! They had a band there tonight, sounded great! 

From there we just kInda roamed! I am looking forward to shooting with my new lens! It's one I have had in the past. I sold it last winter, it was showing signs of wear. It will be here tomorrow! I want to travel to a town I haven't been, one that has a lot of character and that's within a days drive. Who knows where I'll end up next time!

Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy!

Downtown Canton | Pre Storm

Bro Jim and I decided to go downtown and walk the town a bit and take some pics! We stopped at our usual place, Muggswigz! My friend Jess was working and she made me some yummy Pour Over Coffee! It was really good!

From there, we roamed around and stopped at Cheese Louise and took some pics of the girls learning art! Art, food and drink! Looked like a really good time! From there we had to grab random pics, one being the historical St. Peters Church in Canton. The storm was approaching and it just needed to be captured!

Enjoy and stop back and see what's new!

Slow process but worth the wait!

Love this pic of Clyde

Michael Harrer

Arts, Eat and Drink at Cheese Louise

Love the smile!

The Art instructor