4th Street Studio

Katie | Canton Ballet

I have been photographing Katie since she was 2! She is now 12 and dances for the Canton Ballet! I am so proud of her, she is growing up and is such a beautiful girl!  

Katie came in for some pics that were needed for an upcoming event. We did the standard poses and then I asked her if she wanted to do something out of the norm, she said yes! Katie wanted to do something non traditional and so we did! 

I suggested doing pics outside the studio in the middle of 4th street! She was all for it! 

Here is what we captured. I Love them and so did she and her mom! Thanks Katie for giving me this wonderful opportunity to do something fun and out of the ordinary!  



This was our first shot! We had to dodge traffic and it was also very cold out! Katie was a trooper! 



We came back to the studio a little later and did a shot at dusk. I really love the tone of this portrait and the way she shows her confidence!  



This last one on the blog was actually taken first thing, we wanted to get the indoor ones done and then go play outside! 

Our New Studio

I have been wanting to have our studio downtown for a couple years and now it's a reality! I am really excited! We have a nice space to display our gallery and also be able to shoot pics! I am always shooting downtown and this is a perfect fit!

We are located on 4th Street NW! Our new address is, 336 4th street 44704 We have hard wood floors and a 12ft ceiling! We are doing some painting and adding track lighting and a system to hang and display our work. Su Nimon of Journey Art Gallery has been a huge help!

We have some wonderful neighbors and we are excited to be a part of the neighborhood!

Dana Muntean came to the studio today to do some Faux Painting on one of the walls that we will use for portraits. Dana is super talented and I just love her and her work! Truly a blessing!

My friend Frank also worked at the studio today assembling some of the stuff we picked up from IKEA! Frank was a huge help, Fran knew I would be to hyper to put the stuff together!

Here's a few pics from today, I will post pics as we progress!