Weber Dental Revisited

Unfortunately this cool structure is about to be turned to rubble. I go past this place a couple times a month and decided it was time to capture it before it's gone.  

Weber Dental was a company that made, well, Dental equipment. I looked online and they have a place in Florida now. My dad would talk about the quality of their products. I can't help but wonder what happened.  

My buddy, Tedd went along to capture some history. When going into these places, you never what or who you may run into. Always good to have someone with you and or a concealed carry.  

Here's a few images that I captured! I hope you enjoy them! I used my Nikon D5 with Nikon 19mm Shift Lens. Some images were at ISO 32k


This was an image shot at 32k iso. Truly impressive.  


Here's big Tedd, capturing some urban love


Perhaps my fave image from the shoot. Just a classic! 


I would have loved to see this in its day! Hopefully someone reading this might have access to some old pics and could share them!  

Thanks for taking the time to read and view!  

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