Stroll Through Downtown Canton

Jim and I decided to head downtown to shoot a few pics. It was one of those days for me that I needed to get out and shoot!

Walking down 4th street, only one gallery was open, Bliss Studio. I saw Tiffany inside and she was kind enough to let me in! I had never met her before but see her on FaceBook all the time! 

Tiffany Marsh, Love the gallery! Thank you for letting me take your pic!

Our next stop was Buzz Bin. Nothing going on tonight, just shot the neon!

Roamed on down to Cultured Coffee and met Katelyn, wanted to stop back and have java but we ran out of time. I will be back!

Katelyn of Cultured Coffee

I have seen this guy all over FaceBook but never met. I walked in and he recognized me from social media! Michael Harrer, pictured here and Co-Owner's Monique Cox-Moore and her father Clif Cox of Cheese Louise  They have some big plans for it and I am looking forward to stopping by this weekend to have a bite to eat!

Michael Harrer

I saw this tie walking toward me and I had to get his pic! Meet Randy, works downtown and had moved here 2 years ago from Wisconsin. He works at VXI and he was really nice to talk with.

Check back on my blog for more pics!