Realtors I Have Worked With and Enjoy

I have met and worked with some wonderful realtors this past year. They are very professional and they have your best interest in mind. They are so helpful, they are on 24/7 to help their clients buy and sell homes. I am so impressed with them and their ability to do what they do and make it look easy! So I say thank you! Thank you for having me take pics of your listings and for blessing me, and for making the world go round!  

Some of the Realtors I have worked with this year are, Kathy Darrell, Fran Drennan, Darcy Friel, JoAnn Grisak, Jose Medina, Kathy Murphy, Amy Wengard and Holly Van Riper. I am so happy to see the list growing!

Thank you again for using my photographic services! Here's to a very successful year!


The image on the left is from the previous listing and the one on the right is the one I was commissioned to shoot. There is a difference! Thank you Fran Drennan for hiring me!