Meet Hero - Pat Engelberg

Alisa and I went to see the flags in Jackson Township, I had been there the past two years and she hadn't been at all. I grabbed my Nikon and went out to shoot some flags. I was moving through the hundreds of them when I heard and saw someone taking pics of what looked like a soldier. We walked over and there he was! His name is Pat Engelberg. Pat had served in WWII and was at the flags greeting people!

Pat is 99! What a blessing! His sister Mary Schumar, was there with him and said our Congress contacted Pat in the spring to let him know they found his lost medals! They were delivered to him on a motorcycle brigade! He is very proud, and for good reason!

Pat says he prays everyday and thanks the Lord for making him better looking then he was yesterday! What a hoot!

He took a liking to Alisa! He's only human!

Thank you, Pat! Thank you for caring and being who you are! God Bless You!

Alisa loved him! Sweet pic!

Pat, showing me his pics!

Pat and his sister Mary

Love this!