St. John Church 1836

While shooting some exterior images of the W25th Street Lofts in Cleveland, Ohio, I came across this beautiful church with red doors! I heard but never researched, that if the doors were red it meant the church was paid in full. Anyways, I had to grab a shot of this old historic church.

I felt the b+w was a good fit with the doors brought back to their color. I love old structures and look for them wherever I travel.

Thanks for taking the time to view!


St. John 1836 Cleveland, Oh


I had to stop and see my buddy, Sam, at Cousin's Cigar on St. Clair in Cleveland! Always a pleasure and learning experience! Stop in and say hi! He as described by one of his regulars, is the King Pimp of the cigar world! Lol


Sam "AKA" Cigar Pimp

Does Facebook work for your business?

Hi! I read an article about marketing your talent. They stressed the importance of having a blog. The article said that you could have 100k followers on Facebook and if you don't pay to push it out to your followers, you may get only 1% of your fans seeing it. It said if you spent $59 to promote it, you might get 25% of them to see it.  

I use Facebook a lot and it has helped get my name out there but I see what they're saying. I promote a lot on there and it's hit or miss.  

I decided to start my blog again and post to Facebook through here.  

Anyone have any thoughts on this? Valid or not? Feel free to leave a comment or drop me an email.  

Thank you!