Test Pics with new Sony a7iii

I went to Best Buy today and picked up the Sony 55mm 1.8 lens and I love it! I have been shooting digital since 2001 and have shot mostly Nikon since 2001. I have all the high end glass and the top of the line Nikon. I am used to seeing sharp and beautiful images. I was skeptical about the mirrorless system but this camera has changed my mind! It's small, light and the lenses you can buy are off the charts! 

A Little Lonely

St. John Church 1836

While shooting some exterior images of the W25th Street Lofts in Cleveland, Ohio, I came across this beautiful church with red doors! I heard but never researched, that if the doors were red it meant the church was paid in full. Anyways, I had to grab a shot of this old historic church.

I felt the b+w was a good fit with the doors brought back to their color. I love old structures and look for them wherever I travel.

Thanks for taking the time to view!


St. John 1836 Cleveland, Oh


I had to stop and see my buddy, Sam, at Cousin's Cigar on St. Clair in Cleveland! Always a pleasure and learning experience! Stop in and say hi! He as described by one of his regulars, is the King Pimp of the cigar world! Lol


Sam "AKA" Cigar Pimp